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>> Friday, January 9, 2009

Time to send out a little link love.

First, a couple of new blogs from the same guy - The Food Geek. His tagline is "Letting your inner geek and your inner gourmet mingle" - love it! You can find him at his personal blog, The Food Geek, and also blogging (and writing) for Fine Cooking.

Continuing on the geeky side, have you been to Cooking for Engineers? If not, check it out! You'll find a multitude of recipes nicely presented, food science explanations, product reviews, and more.

Last is Parenting Solved. Dr. Bryan Vartabedian's blog is packed full of good information for parents, especially if your child is on the younger side. Informative, entertaining, and sometimes opinionated - he's a must-read for me.

Remembering warmer times...

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